Waterdefense Base 持久修護底妝

Waterdefense Base 持久修護底妝



日間修護精華 SPF27 PA++ 30g *1

光感亮肌粉餅 (替芯) SPF33 / PA+++ <全3色> *1

[二選一] 魔法亮眼遮瑕組合 或 完美進化遮瑕粉條 <全2色> *1

- +

Waterdefense Base

日間修護精華 SPF27 PA++ 30g


鎖水配方研製,能於皮膚表面形成一層水凝保護膜, 有效抵抗紫外線、乾燥及空氣污染物等外來刺激。


令人困擾的黑眼圈,以肌膚色並不足以遮蓋。一套兩色亮肌組合,即能帶來耀眼神采。血氣感橙色 X 聚集光線黃色之效果,高度持久力,完美遮蓋暗沉的黑眼圈一整天。

完美進化遮瑕粉條 <全2色>




光感亮肌粉餅 (替芯) SPF33 / PA+++ <全3色>

3種光感成分(※)於肌膚表面形成「亮肌面紗」。 以飛躍的光線隱藏色斑、細紋的同時,實現充滿透明感的玻璃肌。

※Reflect Oil、Tone-up Powder、Smooth Oil

Water Defense SPF27 PA++ 30g
Day-use Moisturizing Essence

Protecting skin, as per covering a watery and transparent veil.
Not only preventing from UV ray and dryness, but also better attaching makeup.

Using specialized “Water Defense Formula”, creating a water layer on skin surface, able to protect stimulus from environment such as UV ray, dryness and air pollution.
Together with moisturizing betaine and other 5 plants essence, it gives you a bright, transparent while smooth skin. Can be applied as makeup base.

Under Eye Brightener

The annoying dark circles under eyes – not able to be covered simply by beige colour. One set with two colours, the new era of brightening concealer.
Florid Orange X Glossy Yellow effect, Flawlessly covering your dark circles for all day long.

Covering Foundation N <2 shades>

[“How could there actually be spots?” – the perfect hiding technique]
Simply applying once and covering spots & darkness. Long-lasting stick-type concealer.

The popular-for-long item since 1988. “Smooth-fit” formula enhances its attaching ability in addition to ever perfect coverage. Ease of application and attachness to skin has also come to a new era. Perfectly attaching to skin, it sticks well regardless of time with a natural finish.

Bright Veil Foundation (Refill)
A flawless look with new light-catching concept. Providing a natural finish with perfect glowing skin.
Made with 3 luminous ingredients(※) which create natural glow yet sheer and weightless coverage.

※Reflect Oil、Tone-up Powder、Smooth Oil

SPF33 / PA+++ <3 shades>



光感亮肌粉餅 (替芯)

OC10, OC20, OC30

魔法亮眼遮瑕組合 或 完美進化遮瑕粉條

魔法亮眼遮瑕, 103, 2


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