【6月限定】 購買任何產品,即獲贈光感亮肌粉餅旅行裝 1件

Eyelash Trial Kit


Lash Effect N * 1
Lash Lifter BK02/BK03 * 1
Cleansing Oil 5ml * 1

*Not available for International posting, only accept Hong Kong and Macau order



Lash Effect N Using patented “Cell-Matrix Activating”* formula, Lash Effect is able to approach the root of eyelash, and focus on damaged parts to do recovery.

Lash Lifter BK02/BK03 Increasing luxurious volume level, must-own item.

Extra gift

Cleansing Oil 5ml Quick removal of strong makeup with unbelievable speed. With “quick removal oil” & “water-smooth-fit formula”, even though strong makeup can soon be floated without stretching; and simply washed away.

Additional information

Color Image

BK02 Ash Brown, BK03 Burgundy

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