Eyelash Repair Service

Within 14 days of Kesalan Patharan Service 60 minutes

Eyelash Repair Service (Total 20/40pcs), includes eyelash deep cleansing, moisturizing eyemasks, eyelash repair, around 60 minutes.

After submitting the appointment, please wait for confirmation call/ Whatsapp/ email. Please note that before receiving our reply, the booking has not been made. Thank you for your understanding.

*Service appointment will clear shopping cart, please checkout before appointment.
*This appointment will not charge, please pay at shop on appointment day.

Price & promotion : www.kesalanpatharan.hk/new




Handled by well-trained eyelash specialists with professional techniques & comprehensive training brought by Japan headquarter. Attach artificial extension lash 1 by 1 onto your real eyelash in a professional manner & techniques. With combination of various length, thickness & curliness to create your “ideal eyelash”.

Phone Call

Central Century Square 2918 9206 | Tsim Sha Tsui Miramar 2617 7221 | CWB SOGO 6822 3378 | CWB Siu On Plaza 2972 2730

– Absence after 15mins of appointment time will be regarded as cancellation of booking, and the appointment will be offered to another customer
– 24-hr cancellation policy, once only
– Not valid for customer who has done a perm of eyelashes, undergone an eye tattoo or eyelashes growth surgery etc within 3 months / undergone an eyesight correction operation within 6 months / Pregnant
– All services cannot be transferred, returned, exchanged for cash or other products