Eyelash Daily Care Set


Lash Effect N * 1
Lash Lifter BK02/BK03 * 1
Cleansing Oil 5ml * 1

Screw Brush C*1

*Not available for International posting, only accept Hong Kong and Macau order



Lash Effect N Using patented “Cell-Matrix Activating”* formula, Lash Effect is able to approach the root of eyelash, and focus on damaged parts to do recovery.

Lash Lifter BK02/BK03 Increasing luxurious volume level, must-own item.

Screw Brush C Soft touch and straight shape of brush, for easily brush eyelash extension without bringing it any pressure.

Extra gift

Cleansing Oil 5ml Quick removal of strong makeup with unbelievable speed. With “quick removal oil” & “water-smooth-fit formula”, even though strong makeup can soon be floated without stretching; and simply washed away.

Additional information

Color Image

BK02 Ash Brown, BK03 Burgundy

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